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Welcome to IPC Pathways

A program to help young people imagine their future at

Immanuel Presbyterian Church, McLean, VA

What is IPC Pathways?

IPC Pathways is a program at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, McLean, VA.  designed to help youth and young adults imagine their future.

IPC Pathways is for young people who have a connection to Immanuel, whether or not they are members.  It is designed to access an under-utilized asset: the wisdom and experience of Immanuelites of all ages..

The Harraseeket Foundation (pronounced “hair-a-SEEK-it”) designed and has supported IPC Pathways at Immanuel since Fall 2017.  Harraseeket is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to support career exploration programs for communities like Immanuel.  The program is operated in consultation with Immanuel’s Spirituality & Learning Committee, Youth Ministry Committee, Immanuel staff and an Immanuel advisory board that includes several seekers.

Learn more at About IPC Pathways.

What's New

A new dimension to IPC Pathways: Imagining Your Future (guide teams)

“Imagining Your Future” is a program being tested at Immanuel Presbyterian Church that supports teams exploring life’s important questions together. There are three members of each team: a high school or college student, a young adult and an older adult. Each team commits to regular meetings to discuss thought-provoking books, articles, videos and exercises described in “modules.”

Check out this 5 minute video testimonial from Immanuelites who are on guide teams.

The IPC Pathways Fund issued its first award to support internships for at-risk students!

The IPC Pathways Fund has made its first award! The Fund was created thanks to an Endowment Grant from Immanuel Presbyterian Church.  The Fund will make grants, in partnership with Communities in Schools of NOVA and others, to support low-income, at-risk students who choose internships, and to schools, to enhance career guidance resources available to low-income, at-risk students. Learn more at the IPC Pathways Fund page.

We have a new Resource Map to direct you to great vocation and career guidance resources!

We’ve launched the Pathways Resource Map! Visit the Resource Map page for links to six Maps for high school students, college students, young adults, mentors, and those interested in financial literacy and theological perspectives.  The Maps contain opinionated, annotated, organized guides to books, articles, podcasts, videos and the like. Learn more on the Pathways Resource Map page.


Get Involved

We want everyone at Immanuel to participate in career mentoring conversations. We also need volunteers and donations!

Become a Seeker

There are a number of reasons for youth and young adults to participate.

Be a Mentor

Think you shouldn’t be a Pathways mentor? Think again. We share why Immanuel members can and should be mentors.


Whether or not you become a seeker or a mentor and participate in mentoring conversations, we need your help.


Make a difference in the lives of Immanuel seekers and contribute to support IPC Pathways.

Feedback from Seekers and Mentors

I was so glad to have the opportunity to meet with my mentee to answer a few questions, provide insight, and learn more about what he wants to do and what drives him. It was tremendously rewarding to meet such a bright, motivated young person and help him move toward his goals, and it feels good to pay forward all of the assistance and guidance that I was lucky enough to receive when starting out. I’m looking forward to continuing the mentorship role with him and others as time goes on.

Cait Boehm
Pathways Mentor

I loved having the opportunity to meet with [my seeker].  She was so open, warm, and eager to learn about how I had navigated my career path and about some of the choices I made along the way.  While it became clear fairly early in our discussion that our career paths were not likely to be very similar, I felt that we connected and both benefitted from considering questions we posed to one another, including, for example, what we see as our greatest personal skills and gifts that we would hope to utilize in the workplace.  [The seeker] commented to me that she felt that was a good question that she had never really fully considered in that way.  After [the seeker] thoughtfully responded to this question, I’d like to think that she had a bit more clarify and direction that could prove helpful as she considers various job opportunities and her career path.  In the end, I walked away with much to think about myself and, if the truth be told, I likely benefitted from the meeting as much, if not more, than [the seeker], who is a truly remarkable person.

Jenna Litchewski
Pathways Mentor

My first conversation with my mentor was incredibly organic, supportive, and fun. I learned a valuable perspective from her, that career paths aren’t always linear and are often enriched by your openness to opportunities. I intend to carry this with me on my career journey, and have greatly enjoyed our newly fostered relationship and correspondence.

Julia Black
Pathways Seeker

My mentor conversations have been really helpful. They've suggested some other career paths that I wouldn't have considered before. I'd been getting career tunnel vision—where I could only picture myself doing a few things— my mentors have helped me break out of that thinking. I've returned to job searching with a renewed energy.

Liz Pruchnicki
Pathways Seeker

Mentor Spotlight

Some of the mentors in the Immanuel Presbyterian Church Pathways program are sharing the stories of their career paths.  Here is one mentor’s story of how she became a small business owner and what landscape design means to her.

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