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Whether or not you register to be a mentor or a seeker and participate in mentoring conversations, we need your help! Here are ways to support IPC Pathways:

  • Recommend your favorite career exploration book, article, or website that we can post. Please also tell us why you recommend it, so we can include that on the career exploration resources page on the website.
  • Volunteer to help us with the website, mentor profile updating, planning and organizing career forums, and communications, among other things. Contact IPC Pathway leaders Steve Parker or Lynley Ogilvie to volunteer.
  • Contribute to our blog.
  • Donate – we need to cover the cost of providing these resources.
  • Contribute your ideas for internships and similar work opportunities. We now have a “Pathways at Work” Bulletin Board that identifies opportunities such as “shadowing for a day,” summer jobs, internships, and gap year ideas.
  • Share your suggestions for how we can improve Pathways. We have benefited so much from the creative and thoughtful comments and suggestions we’ve received from so many in the congregation.

Email Steve Parker or Lynley Ogilvie to get involved!

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