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A brief video tour on using the Maps:
Common Qs & As:

How do I access the Maps?

Click on any of the orange buttons on the Resource Map page.

If you haven’t used Trello before, you will need to create a user name and password.

Then you’ll see “Harraseeket Foundation invites you to [Map Name]”, and click on the Green “Join Board.” button.

If you access the Maps Home page (under “Access the home page (link to all Maps)”), you’ll see three lists (columns):

  1. The first column has thee items. Click on any item to open it. The items are (1) links to each of nine Maps, (2)  tips for users (video – just click on the link) and (3) tips for users (text).
  2. The second and third columns contain a request for comments (please comment!)  and a link back to this website.

If you access any of the nine Maps directly (under “Access each of the 9 Maps”), you go directly to that Map.

How do I navigate the Maps?

Each Each Map has:

  • A series of lists (columns), which are different topics in ALL CAPS. The Maps have columns that extend to the right off the screen, so be sure to scroll to the right to see all the lists. The phone App only shows the first list.
  • Each list has a series of items under it containing a brief title and picture. Each item is color coded to identify whether it is a video, book, article, blog and the like. As with the lists, be sure to scroll down, as many items often will be below your screen.
  • For any item you’re interested in, click on it and it will show:
    • a more detailed description
    • a link to the item (video, book summary on Goodreads, article, blog, etc.). Note that you will also see a link to the graphic on the front of the item; you can ignore that
    • a comments box. Please comment; it will make the user experience richer for others.

What’s in the Maps?

Each Map has resources created by Immanuelites, and third party resources. Please suggest new items and lists in the comment section at the bottom of the first list in each Map!

Some lists appear in multiple Maps, although some of the items differ by Map (for example, the high school Map contains different items for choosing careers than the young adult Map).

How can I share a Map with others?

You will need to forward a link to this page and let them use the orange button to access the Map for themselves.

Forwarding a link to a Map from a Trello page (URL) will not permit the recipient to access the Map. This allows us to limit the Maps to those who access this website.

How do I mark the items I want to save later?

Three easy steps:

  1. On your Trello home page, under “Personal Boards,” click on “Create new Board.” Choose a name for your personal Board.
  2. When viewing any item you like on a Resource Map, click on the pencil (edit) feature in the upper right corner of the item. Choose “copy” and it will list the Boards you can copy the item to. Please be sure not to hit “Archive” or “Move,” as that will mess up the Maps for others.
  3. The “copy to” feature will show a drop-down list of Boards to copy to. Choose your personal Board. Also, if you have created multiple lists on your personal Board, you can choose the list.

Once you create your own Map, you can share it with friends, using the “Invite” feature at the top of your Map.

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