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Welcome to Pathways at Work! This page is for:
  • IPC Pathways seekers wanting to learn about opportunities in the workplace.
  • IPC Pathways mentors and other Immanuel adults looking to contribute ideas for opportunities at work for Pathways seekers.
What is Pathways at Work?

Pathways at Work is a bulletin board of opportunities for IPC Pathways seekers. This virtual board currently has 10 listings (including two ideas for gap year) for various positions to allow seekers to explore different work environments. The opportunities include:

Shadowing For a Day

This might consist of an office tour, a lunch, or a day to observe what happens at a particular workplace. Perhaps there’s an event at the workplace that a seeker can attend, and use that as a chance to meet others.


Interns might perform basic tasks or provide support in the workplace during a short vacation, on weekends, after school, or during a prescribed senior internship period (usually a month).

Volunteer Opportunities

Some workplaces might set aside jobs that aren’t time-sensitive that can be performed by students outside of school hours.

Gap-Year Opportunities

An entire year between high school and college, or college and graduate school, can present opportunities for more substantive work.

Summer Jobs

Duration might be a week, a month, or the entire summer.

Opportunities can be for one hour, one day, one week or longer. They can be paid or unpaid. The goal is to encourage seekers to explore their interests and to try things they might not otherwise try. Diverse work experiences can help dress up a resume!

Who is it for?

The Pathways at Work bulletin board is for registered IPC Pathways seekers who are:

  • High school students 18 and older;
  • College students;
  • Graduate school students; &
  • Others 18 and over who want to explore new work opportunities.
How does a seeker access the Pathways at Work bulletin board?

Click this button below and enter the password.

The password is behind the tab labelled “Pathways at Work Bulletin Board Password” in the Airtable mentor experience database, which is available to all registered IPC Pathways seekers. If you have not registered as a Pathways seeker, any youth or young adult who is a member of or is connected to Immanuel may register at the For Seekers page.

Please do not share the password with others.

Pathways mentors and seekers: Please contribute your ideas for the bulletin board!

Please email Julia Black, Steve ParkerLynley OgilviePastor Katie or Liz Pruchnicki any ideas or leads you might have that can be posted.

We’ll follow up with you and discuss how to post it, and the process for selecting interested seekers.

Does the opportunity have to be at my workplace?

No. We are looking to hear about opportunities at your workplace if you have them, but there are many other openings you can contribute. Maybe you’ve heard of some experience through a friend. Or perhaps you’ve done research for your student, or know someone who has looked into opportunities for themselves or others. Perhaps you read about it in the news or online. We’ll take ideas in any form!

If I post an opportunity and a seeker expresses interest, can I control whether I have to offer it and to whom it is offered?

Yes. We are happy to screen inquiries for you, and can even exclude your name from the listing. Also, you can interview and select the seeker, or decline to offer the opportunity to all interested seekers if you wish.

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