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IPC Pathways is a career exploration program at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in McLean, Virginia.   If you are a high school student, college student, graduate student or young adult, and you have a connection to Immanuel, whether or not you are a member, we call you a “seeker.” IPC Pathways is for seekers.

High school seekers can enjoy the same benefits of IPC Pathways as other seekers, including:


  • Attending IPC Pathways Events (including some designed specifically for high school students, such as the upcoming high school vocation fair to be held in the Meeting House February 1); and
  • Participating in mentoring conversations, which are explained on this page. To participate in these conversations, high school seekers need to register (as do all seekers), using the orange registration button using the button at the bottom of this page, which also is on the main seekers page.

We run mentoring conversations involving high school students with special rules. For example, two adults need to be involved in mentoring conversations and other communications with high school students; we use a special high school mentor database with adults selected for conversations with high school; and high school parents are required to sign a permission form for the student to participate in the conversations.  Permission forms can be obtained by contacting Steve Parker or Lynley Ogilvie.

High school students can register for mentoring conversations here:



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