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Accessing and using Airtable to start mentoring conversations

Congratulations on registering as a Pathways seeker!  (If you haven’t yet registered, you may do so through the orange Seeker Registration button on this page.)

You should have received an invitation to join Airtable, so you can access the IPC Pathways mentor database.  If you haven’t yet received an invitation, or if you aren’t able to see and review the “IPC Pathways career experience database.” just reach out to Steve Parker or Lynley Ogilvie.

Airtable works well on desktops.  You can also download an Airtable app for Android or iPhone.

One you’re in the Airtable mentor base (called the “IPC Pathways career experience database”), here are eight tips for using the database to start conversations with Immanuel mentors:

First, you should review the Pathways website generally, and in particular the conversations page for tips on selecting mentors, issuing the invitation for a conversation, and making the most out of your conversations.

Second, save Airtable in your favorites.  Here again is the link to Airtable for your convenience:

Airtable will help you if you forget your user name or password.  You can also add it as an app for Android or iPhone.    You’ll want to go back to it from time to time to initiate new conversations.  Also, new Immanuel mentors are joining all the time.

Third, try playing around with the Airtable format.  There are also videos and user-friendly tips on the site to improve your experience.

Image of the IPC Pathways Airtable mentor base
  • For example, under the tab “seeker profiles” in the upper left hand corner of the IPC Pathways career experience base, you’ll see a “Grid view” and a “Gallery” view in the drop down options. Try each format to see which one you like better. In Grid, if you hover over a name, there is a diagonal arrow immediately to the left of the name.  Click on it and the entire profile pops up.  In Gallery view, just click anywhere and you see the whole profile.
  • In the upper right, there is a search button. Try career words (“government,” “legal,” etc.) and other words to narrow your searches. The search feature works better in the “Grid view.”
  • If you let your cursor hover over a cell, it will show all the words in the cell.
  • You can “roll” the columns that are farther to the right to display those you’re interested in next to the mentor names.
  • Some in the table have invited you to connect with them in LinkedIn. The link is included.  Take advantage of it!   You’ll learn more about them and see their contacts.

Fourth, don’t stop at one conversation.  Mentors might suggest others for you to talk with, and whether or not they do, you should go back to the database after you’ve completed a conversation and look for others.  It’s best to have them one at a time, but you’re not limited in the number of conversations you can have!

Also, while we recommend in-person conversations, some seekers and mentors are not in the McLean area.  Zoom and other video platforms works well. Phone conversations are also fine, if video isn’t available.  But in-person is always the best if you can do it!

Fifth, go back to the Airtable database regularly. New mentors are continuing to register, so you’ll find new people to connect with.  Also, your interests, and what you are looking for from mentors, may change from time to time.

Sixth, as the registration form suggests, we are here to help you pick people to connect with, and otherwise assist in the introduction process if you’d like.  Just reach out to either of us.   You can email me or  Lynley Ogilvie or find us however you like.

Seventh,  please see our Privacy Policy, which is linked at the bottom of each page of the website and which you can see here.

Eighth, please give us feedback.  Tell us about your experiences, both good and bad, with the database, with setting up and participating in conversations, and anything else.

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