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If you’re tempted to suspend conversations, we suggest you increase them. Why? Because these times of remote work in your apartments, distancing, NO sports and OD’ing on online entertainment call for increased human connection. And God knows (literally) that challenging times increase our need for reflection on how to give our lives – vocation and otherwise — real meaning. Also, mentors need the connection at least as much as you do. Help them feel needed! Remember, they have wisdom, experience and stories to share, and (confidential) ears to listen.We rank the effectiveness of mentoring conversations in this order: 

Works great:  

Video chat, such as Skpye, Facetime or Zoom – all free, all easy to use.
We think video chats are more productive than phone. Zoom works across devices and platforms, and is so easy to download that older mentors can do it easily. Start here if you don’t have it.

Works well: 

Phone conversations.

Doesn’t work: 

Having no mentoring conversations because of social distancing. You’ve had conversations, you know how helpful and inspiring they can be, as this feedback confirms. (Please email us comments we can post on this page, OK?).Just pick a few mentors in your Airtable base and set up a time and swap contact info. Remember to bookmark it.  And don’t forget, this page has tips for mentoring conversations. If you want fresh suggestions for mentors, or have other questions or just want to chat, we’re here for you. Lynley’s email address is on the cc line.Stay safe, and contribute to your better future self by having more mentoring conversations!

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