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If you are connected to Immanuel Presbyterian Church in McLean, Va. (whether or not you are a member) and you are a youth or young adult, we call you a seeker. 

IPC Pathways offers seekers four different ways to explore vocation, careers and life planning:

FIRSTAccess to an Immanuel mentor directory to request vocation and career mentoring conversations. Learn more and get tips here. Register for conversations using this orange button:

We also support mentoring conversations for high school seekers, with special rules explained here.

Mentor Directory
Pathways event at IPC

SECONDforums for high school students, college students, young adults and mentors.  See more on the Events page.

THIRD,  a Pathways Resource Map, which is an annotated, opinionated, organized guide to books, blogs, articles, podcasts, videos and other organizations that seekers can use to further explore vocation, career and life planning topics. It is sorted by topic and audience into several different Maps.

Resource Map

FOURTH,   “Pathways at Work” bulletin board with ideas for “shadowing for a day” opportunities, summer jobs, internships, and gap year experiences, contributed by Immanuelites.

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