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Why Have a Career Exploration Program at Immanuel?

February 2019 Forum and Dinner

Immanuel has a strong commitment to its youth and young adults. It also has a strong mentoring history.  For example, in Immanuel’s dreamers program, the church  promised inner city students who completed high school that it would help pay for post-secondary schooling or job-training.  Immanuel members supported the students with weekly tutoring, enrichment, and fun activities that created deep, loving connections.  

Immanuel adults also have amazing career wisdom and experience.  Think of that as an untapped asset.

IPC Pathways leverages the experience and wisdom of Immanuel mentors — our untapped asset — and makes them available to Immanuel youth and young adults.  

We call Immanuel youth and young adults “seekers” rather than mentees because Pathways is about more than being mentored; it is about seeking, and exploring in a variety of ways. One important way is spiritual.  Our chosen vocation says a lot about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish on earth. How does our life’s purpose fit our vocation?

Immanuel youth and young adults will benefit from getting to know more members, through IPC Pathways.  Immanuel adults will benefit from helping others. The church will benefit from all the new connections that result.

What IPC Pathways Offers Immanuel

Pathways is a platform for  Immanuel to share the wisdom and experience of its members with Immanuel youth and young adults. Here’s what IPC Pathways consists of:

IPC Pathways Website

This custom-built website features career exploration content, some of which has been contributed by members of Immanuel.  It includes and will include a variety of resources to engage participants in career exploration.

Mentorship Management System

An online Airtable mentor directory where seekers search Immanuel mentor profiles and request conversations with mentors. Participants can facilitate their own matches or request help making a match.


Resource Map

A guide that is an annotated, pointed, organized guide to resources selected with input from members of Immanuel, such as articles, books, videos, blogs, that inspire and encourage vocation and career exploration.

Forums and Fairs

Forums for high school students, college students and young adults with mentors, to discuss vocation topics. 

Pathways at Work

A virtual bulletin board where participants can explore job shadowing opportunities, internships, summer jobs, and gap year options.

We have been running IPC Pathways at Immanuel since the fall of 2017.  A pilot program started with 24 and it grew after a few months to dozens of participants.  Now 150 Immanuites are registered as seekers and mentors and 169 have participated in our six forums.

IPC Pathways Leaders

IPC Pathways is led by Steve Parker, a member of Immanuel’s Spirituality & Learning Committee, and Lynley Ogilvie, a member of Immanuel’s Youth Ministries Committee. Both are also volunteers at The Harraseeket Foundation, which has designed and paid for IPC Pathways and is operating this website at no cost to Immanuel. Both committees guide Pathways at Immanuel.

Pastor Katie Strednak Singer and Director of Youth Ministries Liz Pruchnicki are also actively involved with Steve and Lynley in guiding Pathways.  

Also supporting IPC Pathways are these members of the Harraseeket team:

  • Larissa Dinh, Harraseeket Foundation’s talented Head of Product who designed and built this website
  • Sarah Erickson, who designed our fantastic logo and graphics
  • Steph Berkin, who works on the mentor directory and other projects and constantly provides great ideas
  • Dianne McCune, our editor extraordinaire  

A number of other Immanuelites have given us support, ideas and feedback.

IPC Pathways also has an Immanuel advisory team, the majority of whom are seekers:

  • Aaron Bode
  • Alex Abi-Najm
  • Billy Kluttz
  • Doug Mar
  • Katie Singer
  • Liz Velander
  • Luke Fisher
  • Lynley Ogilvie
  • Rob Hefferon
  • Sarah Erickson
  • Steph Berkin
  • Steve Parker
  • Tina Long
  • Liz Pruchnicki
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